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You may donate this service with money that we spent to keep the service running, or advance to a better server.

Do you have any handheld game that you don't want to keep? We are ready to accept be it a super rare handheld from the 80s' or just received in a fast food restaurant. Contact us for details.
Welcome in the Handheld Empire!
This is a site for the 70s' 80s' handheld games.

You are free to join to our growing community. Here are some of the benefits of the membership:
  • find your favourite games (by name, color, shape ...)
  • manage your virtual collection and wish list
  • offer your games for sale/trade or look for your most wanted games
  • rate games or write comments
  • upload pictures
  • keep track of highest score of your favourite games
  • download manuals
  • complete this database with your findings and thoughts
  • receive notification about other members' collection additions and eBay auctions of your interest
  • absolutely free
Administrators wanted!
HanheldEmpire is designed for distributed management to allow collectors to complete its database. Although more than 2000 games already in the database there are still hundreds missing and many of them still lack of images.
Voluntary adminsitrators wanted to update HandheldEmpire database. The ideal admins has some knowledge about handheld games and common sense to use web services (like this). Basic English knowledge is a must, (native) Japanese welcomed. No technical skills (web design, database management, programming) required.
As an administrator you may:
  • Add new games
  • Edit or fix existing game attributes, like: color, shape, batteries, name ...
  • Manage relationship among games, like: serial, licensee, clone
  • Upload images
  • Write descriptions
  • ...
If you interested contact me for details.
Screen type:
Number of players:
Number of screens:
Batteries:  * 
Case colors
  white   dark blue   silver
  black   red   gold
  gray   orange   yellow
  light green   pink   purple
  dark green   light brown   violet
  light blue   dark brown @ 'picture'

July 21, 2014
A new 'spare' state of the game along with 'not for sale/for sale/lost' makes virtual collection management and filtering easier.

March 14, 2011
New members doesn't need to create yet another account to use the advanced features of the site, anyone may log in with existing facebook or google account.

March 8, 2011
The new design makes the site better organized and easier to use.

July 10, 2010
After a long pause Handheld Empire is back again. Due to constant issues with service providers we moved our server in-house. Enjoy the improoved performance.

Marh 22, 2009
New features: Members may earn scores by site activity like growing virtual collection, upload images, rate games and add comments.

January 12, 2009
New features: The whole site is now not only accept and handle foreign characters but the user interface may be translated easily to any language. Starting with English, Spanish and Hungarian translations.

Members now may export their own data to keep a local copy of their virtual collection.

September 12, 2008
New features: New view modes added to the users virtual collection list, now it may categorized by publisher or even game series including the missing games.

July 30, 2008
Milestone: Members uploaded more than 900 images for more than 400 different handheld games. Almost 2200 games in the database.

June 13, 2008
New features: You may receive notification whenever a member add a game to his/her virtual collection which is in your wanted list.
Members may also warn interested people about a cool item at eBay, see wanted section of the appropriate game.

May 05, 2008
New features: Do you remember that odd shaped red game with leds? Find it!
Use the advanced search feature and find games by shape, battery, screen type, color, number of players...

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