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Cook & Dog - Cuisinier et Chien
Publisher: Commodoor
Series: None
Made in: Unknown
Release year: unknown
Screen type: LCD
Number of screens: 2
Number of screen layers: 1
Battery type: 2 x LR44 or SR44
Shape: dual
Number of players: 1 player
Case colors:
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Commodoor: Cook & Dog - Cuisinier et Chien[/url]


Case quality:
Fun factor:


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1 AEmch

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davidhorizon 2012-02-21 19:06:52.0
At first sight this game looks almost exactly like Nintendo’s Rain Shower. It’s the same type of horizontal double screen with the same color scheme. Even the LCD characters look very G&W like. The gameplay is totally different however. It is in fact a Pac Man clone. Somewhat similar to Epoch’s Epoch Man. Basically you play a dog that has to eat all the food lying around in the kitchen and avoid the two chefs trying to catch you. I love the graphics which are fun and expressive and certainly much more detailed than any other handheld Pac Man game I’ve ever played. The game is very fun at first but gets repetitive after a while. Too bad they didn’t throw in more objects of food and had levels that were slightly different as you advanced. It’s basically the same stage you play over and over again. Still it’s better than most Pac Man clones because of the fun and cartoonish display and animation. A great idea not realized to its fullest.
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